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Celebrate Valentine's Day at Bridges & Bourbon.   We will be offering food and drink specials on top of our normal menu.  That evening we will also be requiring a table minimum spend of $100 for an inside table and $200 for one of our bridgehouses in order to reserve a table for the evening.  We will be accepting reservations beginning at 4pm.   You can book an inside table reservation through our website or by calling 412-586-4287.   For bridgehouse reservations please call the restaurant directly.

Our Goal

Bridges & Bourbon's goal is to provide an experience that is both interactive and social. We focus on modernistic cocktails that are visually stunning & food that engages your senses. Dining done differently.


Bridges & Bourbon is excited to introduce our newest additions to our outdoor dining area

Enjoy a unique dining experience in the private setting of our BridgeHouse!

BridgeHouse regulations:

  • Each BridgeHouse can fit up to a maximum of four guests.
  • For the months of October thru April in order to reserve a BridgeHouse we will require that you spend a minimum of $200 in food and beverage.
  • We will be booking these BridgeHouses at set time slots and each time slot reservation will be allotted 2.5 hrs.

Booking reservations will be for only one BridgeHouse at a time.   We will not be able to accept reservation requests for multiple BridgeHouses for a large party reservation.

To reserve please contact us directly at 412-586-4287 to check availability.  


From our interesting and modern cocktails to our fantastic culinary program, you won’t want to miss the experience we present. This is dining done differently.

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Gift Cards & Party Booking

Purchase a gift card for a friend or loved one to enjoy a fabulous night out, on you, at Bridges & Bourbon. 

Let us handle the hardest parts by hosting your next work or family celebration in our elevated space! Good food, inspiring cocktails, and enough room for everyone! 

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Reservations for indoor tables can be made online through our website.  Please contact us directly at 412-586-4287 to place a reservation for our outdoor tables.  

The maximum amount of guests that we can seat  at one table is 8 guests and maximum reservation size we will accept for table reservations is 12 guests.   

Seats located at the bar are on a first come, first serve basis.    

Bridges & Bourbon incorporates fire into some of it's cocktail presentations so for the safety of guests and staff we don't allow standing at the bar or at our tables.  Guests must be seated in a seat to be served.

At Bridges & Bourbon, our house policy is that you must be 21 years or older to enter after 9pm.